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The Global Story

Originating from modest beginnings, the experience professionals at Global Access have worked tirelessly to earn the reputation as the most trusted distributor for gate & automation within the Asia Pacific region. Pioneering the endeavor is Managing Director, Pierre Casabene, who has played a vital role in revolutionising the gate and automation industry that we know today, drawing from unparalleled expertise stemming from hands on experience in the retail sector.

Pierre’s profound understanding of the needs for the industry laid the foundation for Global Access, turning a vision into a reality in 2002. Stemming from a humble origin in the Casabene family home, Global Access has evolved into the thriving entity, now headquartered with a head office and warehouse in Victoria, Australia. Transcending the traditional wholesaler, our core philosophy is not merely on transactions, but on providing unparalleled access to the highest quality products from around the world, and fostering initiatives that ensure the thriving success of our valued dealers and partners .

Today, Global Access is positioned for robust expansion across the Asia Pacific Region, bolstered by the backing of parent company ‘Global Group’, and our dedicated team of industry professionals who wholeheartedly believe in Global’s distinctive ethos.

Offering More than Wholesale

Emerging beyond wholesaling that encompasses all things access control, our dedication extends to ensure the thriving success of our valued partners and dealers. Underscoring this commitment, we have implemented a variety of initiatives, including on-site technical assistance, phone support, training programs, multi-media marketing and in-house kitting and modification, all crafted to offer a tailored service that fulfills the demands for the Asia Pacific Region.

Our mission is to provide our market with seamless access to the highest quality product solutions from world leading manufacturers, achieved through our strategic partnerships. Proactively seeking innovative products and the latest technology for our market, Global Access balances technological advancements with steadfast expansion, holding true to our traditional values. Our focus is not merely on transactions, but on providing an experience for each customer and partner, with emphasis on service and approaching each interaction with uttermost integrity.

Interested in Joining the Global Access Family?

Whether you're a dealer in search of a comprehensive range of products and industry support or a supplier aligned with our ethos, we invite you to connect with us. Contact our experienced consultants today to discover how Global Access can elevate your brand. Call1300 366 046 or leave us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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