Global Transmitter - Wireless Push Button In Enclosure


Wireless push-button transmitter in enclosure that can be used in conjunction with Global 2 OR 4 Button Transmitters, Global Wireless Keypad and Global Touch Button.

• Water Resistant
• 1 Button
• Wireless 433.920 MHz frequency

• Compatible with the Global MRMINI 2 Channel Receiver (only)

Product Information


water resistant
1 button
push button


A fee will be charged for the additional customisation or preparation of operators and/or accessories at the time of order.

Prices shown are ex-GST and Plus Freight, you must add GST & Freight to applicable orders.

Global Access advises that all automation systems should have the appropriate safety devices to protect pedestrians and vehicles.
This is mandatory for some operators, this is listed in the notes for the applicable products.