Omgate Bluetooth Access Controller – Keyless Gate or Door Remote

Omgate Bluetooth Access Controller

The Omgate Bluetooth Gate or Door Opener is a Bluetooth powered operator that utilises the powerful Omgate Smartphone App to control the opening or closing of electric (automated) gates or doors.

Installation of the Omgate Access Contoller is simple and fast, and the unit is compatible system that has an electrical connection and wireless control, perfect for Garage Roller Doors, Barriers, Bollards and Security Gates. The Omgate powered device can be installed onto existing or new electric motors.

The ideal solution for multiple user application, grant and revoke access as you choose.

The Omgate App is currently FREE to download, and is available for use on compatible Apple iPhone and Android smartphones and is simple to use, and allows the user to manage multiple Bluetooth Controllers installed on separate gates! Have one on your home garage door and another on your work sliding gate or factory roller door.

The nominated ‘Gate-Keeper’ can manage the users, add and remove access as needed, fantastic for providing access to tradespeople and staff without the need for providing costly Remote Transmitter (Fobs).

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