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Some infections make international or national headlines, some make you miss work for a few days to a week, whilst others just make you miserable.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus as it's commonly called), Influenza, SARS, MERS and even the common cold are just some of the pathogens the average person can be exposed to once they leave the safety of their home to do the most frequent of tasks such as working, shopping, putting petrol in our vehicle.

No matter what the symptoms or how the ailment end up making you feel as a result of catching one of these viruses, they should all remind you of the importance to practice good hand-hygiene and reduce your exposure to catching them.

Some pathogens can last on plastic and metal surfaces for several days after their last use, touchless technology, hands-free, no-touch or whatever you like to call it significantly helps to reduce people's exposure to a potential pathogen, by eliminating the need to touch where other people have touched before them. Touchless technology should be considered for use to mitigate risk for all users.

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