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Gate Safety And Your Duty Of Care

Global Access cannot stress enough to our independent dealer network, and to end-users alike, that all powered automatic gates should be fitted with safety devices to ensure the gate is as safe as it can possibly be for the user and people in general.

Unfortunately, as there are no regulations or legislation associated with gate safety in Australia, it is often overlooked. As there is a cost associated with having safety devices fitted as part of an automatic gate solution, such safety devices are frequently declined or even left off a quote to make for a lower priced solution, and therefore the risk that an incident may occur is increased!

Automatic Gate Hazards:

• Crushing
• Shearing
• Cutting
• Pulling
• Entanglement / Trapping

Typical Safety Measures

The chance of one of the above hazards occurring can be greatly reduced by the correct fitting of a safety device, typically these may include one of the following:

Photo Beams / Safety Beams / Light Curtains
When the light beam is broken (by a person or object such as a vehicle), the gate will automatically reverse

Safe Edge
When the edge comes in contact with an obstruction (person or vehicle for example), the gate will automatically reverse

• Screen around the back of the returning gate tail
This reduces the chance of someone being caught-up in the fence as the gate retracts

Flashing Light and/or Audible Alarm
This provides a visual and audio warning that a gate is in motion and for passers-by to be careful

• Safety Signage
Appropriate Signage helps to reduce the risk of injury as it informs people of a specific risk such as crushing or shearing

Global Access would like to remind you that as an Installer or Owner of an automated gate system, that you have a Duty-Of-Care to the general public (family, visitors, passers-by, and even trespassers) that a gate system is ‘safe’.

If a gate is deemed to not be safe, any party injured by the gates is likely to sue for the damage that has occurred. Be mindful that as the owner of an automated gate system, if you choose to make a claim from your insurance provider, the insurer may decline to make a payment as the gates are not considered safe. Similarly, although no legislation currently exists in Australia regarding the safety of gates, a court of law may deem that a gate is not safe and reward damages to the complainant, especially in the event of injury or even death to a person!

As an Installer of gate deemed to be unsafe, you may also be found liable, and risk litigation, it is best practice to fit a gate with appropriate safety devices to mitigate any risk to a person or vehicle.

To view our range of safety devices, please CLICK HERE.