Bea Announcement

Global Access treats safety with the highest regard. We are pleased to announce the addition of a hand-picked range of industry leading BEA sensor products to our list of safety accessories.

Global Access are distributors / wholesalers of BEA infrared and microwave sensors in Australia.

BEA, were founded in Belgium in 1965, and were one of the first companies to adopt a Doppler Microwave Radar (RADAR) technology as a safety device for automatic doors. BEA continue to design and manufacture their products in Europe and now also use Active and Passive Infrared and Electromagnetic Induction and LASER technologies to ensure their products remain the best safety sensors available.

Safety devices produced by BEA are a step up from basic photo-beam (photocell / bus-beam) type safety devices as they are detecting a field (area) rather than a straight-line, so the area they cover is far greater!

BEA safety sensors offer the highest level of safety, they are a superior solution to using regular photo beams as they utilise a 'curtain' or sheet of senor beam to detect a selected field.

The two main sensors for use in the gate and bollard fields are the LZR V100 (Vertical) sensor for use with gates, and the LZR H100 (Horizontal) for use with bollards. With safety of concern for you and your loved ones and assets, ensure you have a BEA safety sensor in your installation!

To view our range of BEA safety sensors, pleaseCLICK HERE.

For more information on the BEA safety sensors available, please call us on 1300 366 046.