TOUSEK Pull T24 Electric Sliding Gate Motors


We are currently out of ALL Pull T24's Motor Kits, and apologise for the inconvenience.
We do have Pull T24's with the transformer in a separate enclosure available.

Please call us on 03 9785 2566 to discuss alternatives.

  • Low power consumption in idle mode
  • (Optional) Backup battery available
  • Self learning limit detection
  • Automatic reversal system
  • Adjustable soft stops
  • Modern sleek style
  • Optional adjustable base plate
  • No limit switches
  • Machine cut hardened steel gears
  • Oil bath gear box
  • Digital display cover
  • Kit includes adjustable height base (mounting) plate

• Radio Gear Packages; 1 x Plug-in Receiver and 2 x transmitters
24V Backup Battery for Emergency Egress (only)
75mm DIN Rail including angle mount
• Plug-in Courtyard Lamp Module (230V, 100W)

• Kits do not contain radio gear or remotes - TOUSEK Radio Kit or GLOBAL Radio Kit
• Accessory output is 200mA, suitable for maybe 1- 2 accessories only

Product Variations

Product Information

Product Specifications

Country of Origin:


Maximum Gate Weight:

Pull T24 - Z24 = 400Kg | Pull T24 - Z20 = 600Kg | Pull T24 - Z16 = 700Kg

Motor Volts:


Number of Daily Cycles:


Pinion Size:

Z24 Mod 4 | Z20 Mod 4 | Z16 Mod 4

Height to top of pinion:

Z24 = 115mm, plus base plate = 121mm | Z20 = 107mm, plus base plate = 113mm | Z16 = 99mm, plus base plate = 105mm

Opening Speed:

Pull T24 - Z24 = 19m/min 316mm/sec | Pull T24 - Z20 = 16m/min 266mm/sec | Pull T24 - Z16 = 13m/min 216mm/sec

Closing Speed:

Pull T24 - Z24 = 19m/min 316mm/sec | Pull T24 - Z20 = 16m/min 266mm/sec | Pull T24 - Z16 = 13m/min 216mm/sec

Ground Stops Required:



pull t
sliding gate
Low Voltage
High Quality


A fee will be charged for the additional customisation or preparation of operators and/or accessories at the time of order.

Prices shown are ex-GST and Plus Freight, you must add GST & Freight to applicable orders.

Global Access advises that all automation systems should have the appropriate safety devices to protect pedestrians and vehicles.
This is mandatory for some operators, this is listed in the notes for the applicable products.