Get Onboard For Dyslexia Awareness

Dyslexia Facts

• Dyslexia affects up to 1 in 5 people
• 20% of Children are at risk of reading failure
• There is a no greater prevalence ofDyslexia in boys than girls
• Dyslexia is Genetic and runs in families
• Dyslexia ranges from mild to severe
• Dyslexia is not a reflection of intelligence
• Coloured Reading Lenses do not help with dyslexia as Dyslexia is not a problem with ones eyes
• A Behavioural Optometrist cannot diagnose or fix Dyslexia, only a Psychologist can make a diagnosis
• Diet supplements, brain training or bone manipulation will not help Dyslexia
• Dyslexia is not curable, however with appropriate accommodations all students can soar

Get Onboard with Australia's not-for-profict volunteer organisation - Code Read Dyslexia Network by joining their campaigns for greater awareness:-
Host a Paper Plane Challenge Day or ‘Light it Red for Dyslexia’

To visit the Code Read Dyslexia Network website, please CLICK HERE
To visit the Light it Red for Dyslexia Facebook Page, please CLICK HERE

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