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Global Access provide essential services and products for use in access control and security applications.

The access automation and security products Global Access manufacture and distribute are used in a myriad of applications, especially where controlled entry and exit is required.

Via our distribution network of independent dealers, Global access products can be found in use by essential services such as:

• Victoria Police
• Ambulance Victoria
• Public & Private Hospitals
• Australian Defence Force (ADF)
• Australian Mint
• Correctional Facilities (Prisons)
• Country and Rural Fire Services
• Council Facilities
• State & Private School Facilities
• Public & Private Aged-Care Facilities
• Apartment and Multi-Story Housing Complexes
• Residential and Commercial Properties

Similarly, our products are used in commercial and residential applications to control access and boost security. Our products can be found in multi-residence apartment buildings, factory applications and people's homes.

During times of uncertainty such as we're experiencing with the Covid-19 spread, or in an emergency when your automatic gate or door won't open or close as it should, we can assure you that our team of technicians and product specialists remain available for onsite consultation, emergency call-outs and associated services.

[For important COVID-19 updates implemented by us, please CLICK HERE]

We welcome your call should you require any of our emergency essential services.
Call 1300 366 046.