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SOMMER Garage Door Add-On Module Range

DICTATOR Radial Damper + Spring Tensioner

Tousek Pull T Range of Sliding Gate Motors

Tousek TPS 20 [Fast Pinion] Sliding Gate Motor

Tousek REX Large Commercial Swing Gate Motor

Safety Edge Sensor

DICTATOR Swing Gate Gate Closer

Mechanical Swing Gate Stop / Travel Limiter

Magic Switch, Touchless Door Button

Swing Door Damper | Closer

Garage Door Safety Beams

TOUSEK TPS 6 | TPS 10 FAST Sliding Gate Motors

Anti-Vandal Wireless Photo Beams

Magnetic lock with exit button

FAAC B614 Electric Barrier

FAAC J275 Rising Bollard + B680 Hydraulic Barrier Combo

FAAC J Range Rising Bollard Crash Test

SOMMER SP900 Sliding Gate Motor

Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit

Cable-Driven Telescopic Sliding Gate Kit

FAAC 390 Articulated Swing Motors with Dual Drop Bolts

FAAC 415 Linear Swing Motors

FAAC C721 Cantilever Gate

BEA LZR H100 - Car Park Laser Protecting General Public

BEA LZR H100 - Trigger Barrier To Open

BEA LZR H100 - Pedestrian Safety Is Of The Highest Importance

HERMES 200 | 250 24V Swing Gate Motor

HERMES 200 24V Swing Gate Motor

HERMES 250 24V Swing Gate Motor


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